Travala bonus reward – 25 USD on your first booking

People don’t take trips, trips take people.

John Steinbeck

The holidays are approaching, and finally we glimpse the possibility of some real relaxation.

After months of restrictions, all we want is to take our suitcase, get on a plane, feed our eyes with wonderful places and our hearts with new unforgettable experiences.

Like you, I’m also a travel lover, and this is why I have been sharing for years, in this blog, the best platforms and the most convenient discount codes for my readers.

Today we will talk about Travala.com.

(Do you already know what Travala is and are you only looking for the bonus? Here it is!)



What is Travala?

We all know that.

2020 was certainly not the best year for Tourism. In Europe only, losses of more than 50% were recorded.

Despite all, a small start-up managed to grow very quickly.

Born in 2017, Travala.com has become one of the leading platforms in the online booking of hotels and apartments. Today – I did the comparison myself – it offers rentals till 40% cheaper than the other popular travel platforms.

On Travala.com, in this moment, we will find:

  • More than 2 millions of hotels
  • 90124 of travel destinations

But where does all this quick success come from?

There is a specific trait that makes this “new-joiner” special in comparison to the most popular Booking.com, Airbnb, Expedia.

Travala is in fact the current leader in the blockchain-based travel booking.

Exactly! This means that  Travala.com allows reservations and payments ALSO with cryptocurrencies.

Thanks to this feature, we will be able to book using card payment, paypal, and even cryptocurrencies.

Travala also owns its own cryptocurrency (AVA), and this interests us quite a lot, as I’m going to tell you below.



Travala.com Reward


On Travala you can easily get a 25 dollars reward. If this interest you just follow these simple steps:

  1. Register on Travala.com using this PREMIUM LINK
  2. Book your stay
  3. Get the prize

AND while doing so, please consider the following aspects.

  • Travala.com gives us this gift only when our booking reaches a value of at least 200 dollars.
  • The reward will be credited in our personal Travala.com wallet in the form of AVA tokens.

Nope, don’t make that face: AVA tokens are money

Like any other cryptocurrency, they have their own current market value and can be traded, AND whenever you prefer it, you  can withdraw them and convert them into dollars.

I know, I know. The concept of cryptocurrency still sounds a bit strange to some of us. But, guys, this is the future, the direction where the world is going, like it or not.

I strongly suggest not to let this opportunity slip away, and maybe use it instead to get to know the Blockchain technology a little better 😉




So, everything clear? 🙂

I was personally fascinated by this innovative platform. I find it not only more convenient but also more user-friendly than, for example, Booking.com.

I have no doubt that each of us, at least once in the future, will use Travala.com for their travels.

What else can I say?

I wish you great experiences, extraordinary travels and many many many rewards 😉

All the best,



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